Encrypted & Decrypted Automatically

Mask Network allows you to encrypt content when posting on You-Know-Where.
Only you and your friends can decrypt them.
Not even developers of Mask Network.

Verify account ownership

You will be guided through it once installed.

Let's enjoy the new Web

Relax and enjoy!

What can Mask Network do?

Send encrypted posts to friends
Send and receive cryptocurrencies on social networks
Support Gitcoin fundings on Twitter
Decentralized file storage and sharing

All Our Memes Belong To You

I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.

Mask Your Own Meme

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Where can I use Mask Network?

Mask Network is now available on Facebook and Twitter. We will support more platforms in the future.

How to install Mask Network?

Go to https://mask.io/install to install Mask Network directly. You can also install through the Chrome Webstore, Google Play Store(beta), or the Apple App Store(beta).

How to create a persona?

Mask Network will automatically remind your own peronas since you use for the first time.Just follow the steps! Click “Enter the Dashboard” -> “Personas” -> “Create persona” -> Enter Name -> Click “ Create” -> Choose to connect Twitter or Facebook account -> Mask Network will automatically find your username, confirm and click “Connect” -> Done, remember to “Say Hello to everyone”

Explain like I am a nerd

Alice encrypts cleartext (M) with a random AES key (K) to get ciphertext (CT) and then securely shares K via ECIES over SECP256K1 with Bob using Bob's public key (K.Bob). Alice publishes CT on Facebook and synchronizees K.Bob over GUN. Bob can then retrieve K to decrypt M.

Trade and Swaps

View crypto price charts

Mask Network support price chart by both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Hover your mouse to “$+ticker” like $ETH or $UNI, our widget will automatically detect and pop up with the latest price chart of the token.

Fetch trending data from different platforms

Mask Network support price chart by both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. You can change the data source on settings.

What is swap and where can I find?

Mask Network will auto-detect trading pairs on Uniswap🦄️ and the “Swap🔥” will be lit. Click “Swap🔥”and you will be able to purchase the token.

Does Mask Network charge a fee on swap?

No, the swap on Mask Network is provided by Uniswap, we don’t charge any fee.

File Service

How to use the file service on Mask Network?

Click “ Compose encrypted post” -> Choose the “File Service” -> Add the files you want, we support various file types -> Click “ Use the file” -> Also you can add the encrypted text -> Finish

Can my friends see the uploaded file?

Only our users with the proper permission can see this file. 

About ITO

What is ITO ( Initial Twitter Offering )?

Mask Network has long been committed to bringing different decentralized applications to social networks like Twitter/Facebook. In ITO (Initial Twitter Offering), we hope that users can directly participate in the public issuance of tokens on Twitter. This will be a brand new attempt.

When and how can I participate in ITO?

Please follow our Blog (http://masknetwork.medium.com/) or Telegram Channel for more information. After the event starts, find the relevant tweets of ITO and click "Enter" to start ITO.

What do I need to prepare to participate in ITO?

First of all, please make sure that you have installed the Mask product, click mask.io (https://mask.io) to download and install, now the ITO function supports the browser extensions version and iOS, Android version. Second, please create a Mask account and bind the Twitter account. Remember to back up the Mask account~Third, import or bind a wallet, Mask will automatically generate an Ethereum wallet address for you, and we also support binding MetaMask and Walletconnect. Fourth, prepare the token, and a certain amount of eth as gas. We encrypt the ITO page in Tweet, and the entrance can only be seen when ITO starts.

How much can I purchase a single ITO address?

According to the different rules of each ITO, the purchase limit of a single address is different. Mask Network also plans to support various forms of auctions and joint curves to serve various ITO needs.

What should I do if Gas is very high?

The mask ITO currently runs on ethereum layer 1, and we are trying to reduce the gas cost. At the same time, we are also co-developing with Layer 2 solutions or ethereum compatible chains(https://masknetwork.medium.com/mask-network-partners-with-loopring-to-build-ethereum-layer-2-ecosystem-307754eeb12e). Please follow our latest news.

Compose encrypted posts

How to send encrypted posts to your friend?

Mask Network allows the users to send encrypted posts on the centralized social media. Click “ Compose encrypted post” -> Write down the encrypted post -> Select Recipients, you can choose whoever you want to share the post with -> Click “Finish” -> Mask Network will automatically generate some text. -> “Tweet” or “Post” it as usual

Can I modify the encrypted post?

Leave the pasted url unchanged and you can feel free to modify the rest.

Red Packet and wallet

How to create a wallet?

Mask Network will automatically create an Ethereum wallet for you since you create a persona. Or you can create a wallet on the dashboard. Click “Enter the Dashboard” -> “Wallets” -> “Create Wallet” -> Enter Wallet Name -> Choose “ I confirm that i need to create a wallet” -> Click “Import” -> Done!

How to connect my original wallets?

Since you have you own Ethereum wallet, Mask Network also supports importing Metamask wallets. And we will support other wallets soon. Click “Enter the Dashboard” -> “Wallets” -> Click “Connect” -> Choose MetaMask and connect

How to send a red packet?

It’s easy to send a red packet on social media.  Click “ Compose encrypted post” -> Choose the “ Red Packet” -> Split the “Average” or “Random” mode -> Enter the share amounts -> Enter the Attached Message -> Click “Send”

How to receive a red packet?

That’s easy! Just find a red packet and click it!

Can my friends read my encrypted posts or red packet without installing Mask Network?

No. That is why we need you to broadcast such a great new world to your friends! We really appreciate it!

How to view the history and detail information of sended Red Packet?

Click the blue smiley face on the top right corner. ->Click “Enter the Dashboard” - > “Wallets” -> Choose "Activity" -> ”OutBound“, You can see an OutBound list, Select the record you need to view.

How to view the history and detail information of received Red Packet?

Click the blue smiley face on the top right corner. ->Click “Enter the Dashboard” - > “Wallets” -> Choose "Activity" -> InBound, You can see an OutBound list, Select the record you need to view.

How long is the Red Packet validity period? What happens when the red packet is expired?

The current Red Packet is valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if the Red Packet has a remaining quantity, the remaining cryptocurrency will be refunded. You can find that record in “Dashboard” -> “Wallets” -> Choose "Activity" -> OutBound and click the record to refund.

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